The choice to believe

by Aaron

The choice to believe in a religion is a right that every grown child should know they have *.

When parents raise a child, they teach them right from wrong, responsibility, and respect, amongst others, molding the child’s character and building their foundation of values. A child’s faith, however, is a personal choice that the child should make when they’re old enough to do so.

In many religions, it is customary to perform a ritual act (such as baptism) in which a newborn is admitted as a member. This is where my thoughts differ from common belief. Rather than being given the choice to leave a religion, they should have the choice to enter. A child should be guided by their parents and be given the opportunity to experience and learn about their faith. However, choosing a faith is a decision the child should make rather than being raised blindly as such.

Religious beliefs are a personal matter and, as such, the choice to believe or not should be yours and no one else’s.

* I usually avoid religious topics because I believe it’s a personal matter of which I have no right to impose my beliefs upon. Please understand that these are my thoughts and not expressed as fact. I fully respect everyone’s personal choices.

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The superhuman within us

by Aaron

Even as adults, many of us feel superhuman at times.

Whether it’s the sort of adrenaline kick you get from an extreme sport or just living a strong and healthy life, the feeling of being superhuman or invincible passes through many of us. It’s a sense that we can do anything and nothing can hurt us. And it can oftentimes give you the ability to jump over what can seem like impossible hurdles.

Inevitably, though, luck switches sides. You break an arm, get sick, need surgery… and those feelings of invincibility get replaced with the humbling realization that we’re only human. Yet we bounce right back up and the superhuman drive within us takes over. That lack of despair motivates us to take on newer and bigger challenges.

We all have our kryptonite, but it doesn’t mean we can’t still feel superhuman.

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Know your limits

by Aaron

The only way to know your limits is by passing them.

How much can you exercise before your body shuts down? How long can you stay awake before fatigue takes over? How much pain can you endure before it becomes too much to withstand? These are all questions that test both your personal willpower and your body’s physical limits. And the answers aren’t always easy to come by.

Yet knowing your limits can be invaluable knowledge to have. It provides the foresight needed to prepare yourself beforehand and the insight into how to handle the situation when that limit is approached again. This awareness will make you both a stronger and smarter individual all around.

Pushing yourself to the limit can be painful, but the payoff is far greater than the cost.

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Start fresh with the New Year

by Aaron

Start the year on a clean slate with new goals and ambitions.

Each year marks the end of a chapter and the beginning of a new one. Looking back at the last 12 months gives us an opportunity to reflect on just how far we’ve come. New family, new jobs, friends we’ve made, mistakes we’ve learned from, accomplishments we’ve achieved… and here we are today for better or for worse.

And yet, with that chapter closed, the new year quickly rings in with a blank page, a new chapter, and a mighty pen. There are no lines or margins. Even the most ambitious of goals can seem within reach. It’s a time to put could’ve-beens and what-ifs aside and focus on what can and will be. There’s no better time than now.

Happy New Year and may the next chapter bring you excitement, thrills, and a few surprises along the way :)

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Time’s flying. Start living.

by Aaron

Life’s too short to just sit around. Go out and do something.

How many times have you just sat around at night or on the weekend and watched T.V.? Or worked overtime to make an extra few bucks? I’m definitely no stranger to either of those as I’m sure you’re not either, but it’s not something I usually prefer to do and you shouldn’t either.

Life is too short to let those types of distractions take priority over other things in your life like seeing friends and family or trying/learning new things. Go out, enjoy life, and live it to the fullest. Don’t let things like money and work take over your life. You need to take control of the steering wheel and drive where you want to drive. Forget autopilot. You’re the captain of this ship and it’s setting sail.

There’s a time for passive entertainment and there’s a time for active living. Don’t miss out on the opportunities you have while you have them.

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Why do we get stuck in a decade?

by Aaron

What is it that causes someone to get “stuck” in a decade?

You know who I’m talking about. That someone who still wears ripped jeans from the 80′s with a hard rock hairstyle or your friend who wears disco clothes when it’s not Halloween. People can find themselves “stuck” in a decade and for good reason.

It has to do with their identity. It defines who they are and how they live. Perhaps they identified with the school of thought during that decade or maybe it was just some of the best years with the fondest memories of their life. Either way, it’s their identity that they’re sticking to.

And it’s hard to break away from that identity. Trying to bring someone back to the current time is a more difficult task than expected. It’s not just a change of clothes; it can be a complete change of personality.

Everyone likes a kickback to the 70′s every so often, so be yourself; we like you just the way you are… although maybe you can get a haircut and a new pair of jeans ;)

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What type of subway walker are you?

by Aaron

Stairs? Escalator? Elevator? Which do you take?

The subway offers a unique perspective into some of the basic differences between personalities. How? It all comes down to how you walk. Ignoring any physical or time constraints, subway walkers can be divided into four personality types:

  1. Stairs – Determined and independent; health conscious
  2. Escalator + walking – Efficient, ambitious, and sometimes impatient
  3. Escalator + standing – Laid back, patient, and relaxed
  4. Elevator – Lazy, fun, and spontaneous

No single personality type is “better” or “advantageous” over the other and in this high-paced society, you might often find yourself becoming an escalator + walking personality type just so you can get somewhere on time.

So which subway walker are you?

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Your life. Your choices. Your mistakes.

by Aaron

Making decisions in life isn’t always easy.

Everyone has to make choices throughout their life and there won’t always be someone to stop you from making the wrong one. For a parent, this is a hard truth to swallow. Parents get used to guiding their children and always being there to catch them if they fall. They have to learn to let go.

Once a child reaches a certain age, it is critical for them to start learning to make their own choices and dealing with their own mistakes, even if the parent knows better. You’ll never learn to be independent until you start doing so. Parents are a great resource, but won’t always be there to make decisions for you.

Life isn’t easy and you’re going to make mistakes. Learn from them.

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Keep fewer secrets

by Aaron

Keeping fewer secrets helps take weight off your shoulders.

There are reasons why many of us keep secrets either from family or friends. However, too many secrets can cause a lot of stress and affect your overall health.

For the past few months, I’ve been holding back from telling anyone what the company I work for, Viximo, does. Well, no more secrets. I’ve decided to create a little screencast to reveal to the world what it is we’re doing and why it’s The Next Big Thing. Enjoy!

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Dating is like interviewing

by Aaron

Dating is like interviewing for the right candidate to marry.

Dating shares many parallels with the job interview process and it should be treated accordingly. In both cases, you’re looking for the perfect fit: someone with the right personality, goals, and characteristics. First impressions count as well. You want to come across as a fun and likable person.

Online dating is no different. You review their online “resume”/profile and ask the candidate for an “interview”/date if you’re interested. You may not “wink” or “poke” your job candidates, but you get the idea ;-)

The next time you go on a date, remember this is really just one long job interview.

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