Set it and forget it: A style of life

by Aaron

We all know this guy to the left here. His name is Ronald Popeil. You know… that rotisserie chicken product. “Set it and forget it!” It may just be a simple catchphrase, but I think that phrase describes a style of life.

Nowadays we have so many things going on, so much interconnectivity between people that we’re constantly being inundated with new tasks or information. All of us have “no time” to do anything, so perhaps it’s time to try to take Popeil’s catchphrase and try to adopt it to life.

  • Do you constantly check websites for new articles? Get an RSS reader
  • Do you backup your computer every day/week/month? Set up automated backups with BackupPC
  • Have a pet you need to feed? Try the automatic pet feeder
  • Need to mow the lawn? Use the Robomow 1000

Okay, maybe some of those suggestions are a stretch for some of us, but take a little time and try a set-it-and-forget-it lifestyle. It’s well worth it.

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