Why colleges need a reform

by Aaron

The classic 4/5-year college program needs a reform and I’ll tell you why. My last year of college in a 5-year program (includes 1 year of internships) was useless. I was either taking classes for things I already knew or random classes, like food and wine, just to “fill up” credit requirements.

Colleges need a reform.

I’m going to offer a crazy alternative to the strict credit-driven college major. Consider a new form of graduation called rolling graduations. Criminals can periodically address a committee and present their case for being released when they are up for parole. Using the same idea, college students would go through the typical 4/5-year program, but periodically be given the opportunity to “test” their way into graduation, provided this test can prove they have gained the knowledge needed for their major and are ready for the real world.

I feel that the year I lost I could have been providing value to society rather than being held back by staying in college. Not to say I didn’t enjoy my last year, but I probably would have graduated earlier if I had the chance to.

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