Why colleges need a reform

The classic 4/5-year college program needs a reform and I’ll tell you why. My last year of college in a 5-year program (includes 1 year of internships) was useless. I was either taking classes for things I already knew or random classes, like food and wine, just to “fill up” credit requirements. Colleges need a [...]

Can’t dance? Try swing.

Trust me, guys. It’s easy and fun. I don’t consider myself a good dancer at all. I used to feel really uncomfortable and stiff on the dance floor. A few swing dancing lessons later and I’m a changed man! Dancing is a great way to not only have fun and get exercise, but to meet [...]

R.S.V.P.: Do you know what it stands for?

Isn’t it funny how we use abbreviations in everyday language and sometimes never actually know what it stands for? A few months back, I was asked to “RSVP as soon as possible” to an event I had been invited to. We all know that means I need to get back to the host as to [...]

Life after death in the digital age

It’s interesting how the Internet and social networking websites like Facebook have truly changed the meaning of “life after death”. Have you noticed this? Even after my friend in college passed away over a year ago, he still lives on in the digital world. How is that, you might ask? He still has a Facebook [...]

I’m running a 5k today

Today, I’m running in a 5k road race for the Somerville Homeless Coalition, a non-profit that provides services to Somerville’s “homeless, near-homeless, and working poor”. I was never a runner in high school or college and I didn’t really train for the race. I’m doing it partly because of the cause, but it’s also because [...]

You can cook too!

I could never understand people who say “I can’t cook” or who were always impressed when I would tell them that I almost always cook homemade meals and usually bake from scratch. Believe it or not, making food from scratch really isn’t that hard! I mean, we’re not talkin’ milking-the-cow-and-growing-the-wheat from scratch. But I think [...]

Charitable giving in the digital age

Have you noticed how “donations” and “charitable giving” has changed as a result of the digital age? Usually when we see those words, we think about physical donations like money, gifts, clothes, furniture, etc. Obviously this type of giving is still true these days (and may be even more true than a hundred years ago), [...]

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