This is weird

by Jessica

Do “weird” people think people are “weird”? This thought crossed my mind as I was standing in the crowded subway on my way to work. As I was looking around at the people near me, I noticed that I tended to classify them as “normal”, “strange”, and “weird”. I know I probably shouldn’t be doing that, but it was a natural inclination—perhaps a survival mechanism in the morning before I am fully awake. So, then I began to wonder, “What are these people thinking of me?” Moreover, do the people I deem “weird” think that I am equally as “weird” as I think they are? Is it a reciprocal thing? Or, is it that they think “weirder” people to me are their “moderate weird”?

I’m sure I’ve lost you by now, but I just wanted to raise this question. In no way am I saying being “weird” is bad (since I’m not even positive I’m not thought of as “weird” by the other people in the subway), but I am wondering if “weirdness” is a matter of style that lends itself to reciprocal judgment by two opposite parties. Or, is it a gradient, whereby if I fall on the “more normal” side than the “weird” person, then the “weird” person to my “weird” person is “uberweird” to me? Think about that one.

So, the moral here (because these things are supposed to have a moral or something) is: Be careful who you make eye contact with on the subway—and that, most likely, you are considered “weird” to someone. Have a nice day (you weirdo)!

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2 Responses to “This is weird”

  1. Thanks, Jessica | Aaron Pfeifer on November 2nd, 2007 5:59 pm

    [...] wanted to take a minute to thank Jessica, my guest blogger, for her last post on weirdness. Hopefully she’ll be willing to come back soon and do it [...]

  2. aaron on November 2nd, 2007 11:00 pm

    It’s funny because your question really applies to not just weirdness, but all sorts of other things. If I think someone’s an optimist and I’m normal, do they consider me a pessimist and themselves normal? And is someone who’s optimistic to an optimist considered “uberoptimistic” by me?

    Some people say pessimists aren’t pessimistic at all. They’re actually normal. It’s just that everyone else is optimistic :)

    It’s definitely a good point you make. Makes ya think twice about things!