Write your ideas down

Always carry a notebook around with you. You never know when you’ll come up with an idea! A friend of mine always has his black notebook with him whenever he’s at home or on the road. Inside that notebook are countless ideas that popped into his head at one point or another. It’s a great [...]

This isn’t going to work out between us

I never realized that turning down a job offer almost feels like breaking up with a girlfriend. If you ever get the unique opportunity to interview with a bunch of companies, you naturally will have to turn down a few offers. Unfortunately, it gets a little awkward because the e-mail conversation sometimes goes something like [...]

Sorry about the outages!

Sorry about the outages lately. I recently upgraded to a new hosting provider, SliceHost, and it turned out to be a larger learning curve than expected getting everything set up perfectly. However, you’ll be happy to know that the website should be a bit snappier now and much more reliable. Let me know if you [...]

What happened to Microsoft?

Has Microsoft completely lost touch of its customer’s needs? I used to be strictly a Microsoft user. I developed in Microsoft .NET, used Windows XP, had a Pocket PC. Not quite a fanboy, but you can see that I liked them. However, over the past few years I feel like Microsoft has completely lost touch [...]

The real social operating system

Everyone talks about Facebook being the world’s social operating system. They couldn’t be any more wrong. This isn’t a revolution. This is what I envision as the next step in the design of operating systems. It’s what I refer to as the “social” operating system… a real operating system like Windows or OS X. Except [...]

It’s okay to make a fool of yourself

Even when you’re in front of people you don’t know, it’s okay to make a fool of yourself. Really! I don’t recall where I heard this or who I heard it from, but whenever I’m with a group of people I don’t know, I never worry if I make a fool of myself. “You’ll never [...]

Thanks, Jessica

I wanted to take a minute to thank Jessica, my guest blogger, for her last post on weirdness. Hopefully she’ll be willing to come back soon and do it again Thanks Jess!

This is weird

Do “weird” people think people are “weird”? This thought crossed my mind as I was standing in the crowded subway on my way to work. As I was looking around at the people near me, I noticed that I tended to classify them as “normal”, “strange”, and “weird”. I know I probably shouldn’t be doing [...]

For must of us, there’s no perfect job

After my first few jobs, I learned that the best way to answer “How do you like your new job?” is with “Ask me in 3 months”. Most of us tend to like our new jobs because we’re working with new people on new projects, where everything we do is more interesting than the last [...]

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