Police get a bad rap

Police get a bad rap and there’s no good reason for it. I think that being a police officer is one of the most honorable jobs in the workforce. It requires courage, energy, and 100% of your attention. Which is why I get a little mad when an isolated event brings the entire justice system [...]

Customer service makes a difference

Who knew? Customer service actually makes a difference. Everyone says it: “the customer always comes first”. But you never think about that until you experience the good and bad sides of customer service first hand. When I lived in Rochester, the Wegman’s grocery store pushed the importance of customer service. It was nice… every time [...]

Medical research is a double-edged sword

No matter how you look at it, a lot of medical research will always be a double-edged sword. A few months back I was talking to my brother about my frustration with laws regarding stem cell research. My opinion was that this research could be doing so much more if it weren’t for the fact [...]

Do you listen to the lyrics?

Did you ever realize you start singing the lyrics to a song without actually thinking about what it is you’re saying? That sort of thing used to happen to me all the time. I’d be listening to music, tapping my feet, enjoying the rhythm, yet I had no idea what they were actually singing I [...]

A different you: Being off on your own

It’s funny how different we can be when we’re off on our own. Over the past several years, I’ve lived in Rochester, NY; Harrisburg, PA; Boston, MA; and Herndon, VA. In each place, I went there not knowing anyone. What I find most interesting about being on your own is how different you can be. [...]

Random topics are the best conversation starter

If you’re in a bar or other social place and meeting someone for the first time, don’t talk about work. Random topics are, by far, the best conversation icebreaker when meeting someone. Don’t talk about work, the weather, where you’re from, or any of that basic stuff. That’s boring conversation that usually goes nowhere. For [...]

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