Picture this

Always keep a camera with you. Pictures are one of your best links to the past. In 2007, my New Year’s resolution was to keep my camera with me at all times and take at least 1 picture each day. The picture didn’t have to be of anything in particular. For example, I would take [...]

Estimating is hard.

How do you become good at estimating? Because I’m terrible at it Whether it’s height, weight, or time, I always underestimate. How long will it take me to drive to Newton Centre? 25 minutes would become an hour. How long will it take me to finish a project? 5 days would turn into 3 weeks. [...]

Job searching: You can do better

If employers are contacting you and not vice versa, you can do better. Nothing absolutely wonderful comes easy. You have to work for it, whether it be grades, a girl/guy, or losing weight. I think the same thing applies to job searching. If you find yourself immediately getting job offers as soon as you put [...]

Get smarter. Read a book.

Books are a great way to improve both your vocabulary and your knowledge. Take a little time each day and pick one up. I’m reminded of The Librarian: Quest for the Spear whenever I think about how books can help you become smarter. I tend to read nonfictional books that touch on aspects of science, [...]

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