What type of subway walker are you?

Stairs? Escalator? Elevator? Which do you take? The subway offers a unique perspective into some of the basic differences between personalities. How? It all comes down to how you walk. Ignoring any physical or time constraints, subway walkers can be divided into four personality types: Stairs – Determined and independent; health conscious Escalator + walking [...]

Your life. Your choices. Your mistakes.

Making decisions in life isn’t always easy. Everyone has to make choices throughout their life and there won’t always be someone to stop you from making the wrong one. For a parent, this is a hard truth to swallow. Parents get used to guiding their children and always being there to catch them if they [...]

Keep fewer secrets

Keeping fewer secrets helps take weight off your shoulders. There are reasons why many of us keep secrets either from family or friends. However, too many secrets can cause a lot of stress and affect your overall health. For the past few months, I’ve been holding back from telling anyone what the company I work [...]