Why do we get stuck in a decade?

by Aaron

What is it that causes someone to get “stuck” in a decade?

You know who I’m talking about. That someone who still wears ripped jeans from the 80′s with a hard rock hairstyle or your friend who wears disco clothes when it’s not Halloween. People can find themselves “stuck” in a decade and for good reason.

It has to do with their identity. It defines who they are and how they live. Perhaps they identified with the school of thought during that decade or maybe it was just some of the best years with the fondest memories of their life. Either way, it’s their identity that they’re sticking to.

And it’s hard to break away from that identity. Trying to bring someone back to the current time is a more difficult task than expected. It’s not just a change of clothes; it can be a complete change of personality.

Everyone likes a kickback to the 70′s every so often, so be yourself; we like you just the way you are… although maybe you can get a haircut and a new pair of jeans ;)

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One Response to “Why do we get stuck in a decade?”

  1. Ebony Bowie on July 20th, 2008 5:19 am

    I am stuck in the 60′s and I was born in the 90′s