The choice to believe

The choice to believe in a religion is a right that every grown child should know they have *. When parents raise a child, they teach them right from wrong, responsibility, and respect, amongst others, molding the child’s character and building their foundation of values. A child’s faith, however, is a personal choice that the [...]

The superhuman within us

Even as adults, many of us feel superhuman at times. Whether it’s the sort of adrenaline kick you get from an extreme sport or just living a strong and healthy life, the feeling of being superhuman or invincible passes through many of us. It’s a sense that we can do anything and nothing can hurt [...]

Know your limits

The only way to know your limits is by passing them. How much can you exercise before your body shuts down? How long can you stay awake before fatigue takes over? How much pain can you endure before it becomes too much to withstand? These are all questions that test both your personal willpower and [...]