The superhuman within us

by Aaron

Even as adults, many of us feel superhuman at times.

Whether it’s the sort of adrenaline kick you get from an extreme sport or just living a strong and healthy life, the feeling of being superhuman or invincible passes through many of us. It’s a sense that we can do anything and nothing can hurt us. And it can oftentimes give you the ability to jump over what can seem like impossible hurdles.

Inevitably, though, luck switches sides. You break an arm, get sick, need surgery… and those feelings of invincibility get replaced with the humbling realization that we’re only human. Yet we bounce right back up and the superhuman drive within us takes over. That lack of despair motivates us to take on newer and bigger challenges.

We all have our kryptonite, but it doesn’t mean we can’t still feel superhuman.

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