What if they don’t get the joke?

Be careful if you’re playing a joke on people you don’t know well. They might not get it. I love to joke around, but sometimes you have to err on the side of caution. Take Borat for example. If you don’t know the character and understand the kind of humor he’s portraying, you might get [...]

The worst that can happen is we’ll laugh

Sometimes if you make a mistake in front of someone, the best thing you can do is laugh. I touched on this before, but this time I have a story A while ago, I was dancing with this woman (we’ll call her Beth) at a swing event. The song being played had a rhythm that [...]

Do you listen to the lyrics?

Did you ever realize you start singing the lyrics to a song without actually thinking about what it is you’re saying? That sort of thing used to happen to me all the time. I’d be listening to music, tapping my feet, enjoying the rhythm, yet I had no idea what they were actually singing I [...]

Random topics are the best conversation starter

If you’re in a bar or other social place and meeting someone for the first time, don’t talk about work. Random topics are, by far, the best conversation icebreaker when meeting someone. Don’t talk about work, the weather, where you’re from, or any of that basic stuff. That’s boring conversation that usually goes nowhere. For [...]

Josh Groban: A Californian?

Did you know Josh Groban was born in California? That would have been my very last guess. We all know Josh for his amazing baritone voice of which few can match. However, I always thought the guy was Italian! So many of his songs are Italian so I kind of inferred a connection there between [...]

93.7 Mike FM “gets it”

I never thought I’d see the day when I started listening to radio again. But a few months ago, just that happened. I’ve been an XM user for almost 2 years now. However, when I moved to Boston, I found a radio station that trumped both every radio station I had ever listened to and [...]

Can’t dance? Try swing.

Trust me, guys. It’s easy and fun. I don’t consider myself a good dancer at all. I used to feel really uncomfortable and stiff on the dance floor. A few swing dancing lessons later and I’m a changed man! Dancing is a great way to not only have fun and get exercise, but to meet [...]