Stud finders are amazing

Stud finders are amazing. For years, I’ve always resorted to the old “knock on the wall” trick for finding studs in the wall when hanging pictures or shelves. I have to admit, I’m not the best when it comes to figuring out which sound indicates I’ve found a stud. I’m probably wrong like, 99% of [...]

Take stuff apart. You might learn something.

I enjoy taking things apart, as long as they’re not valuable If you ever have a device that you’re going to throw out, such as a laptop, printer, radio, etc., you should try taking it apart and having a look inside. I don’t know how half the devices I use work. It’s all kind of [...]

Is “www” really still necessary?

Ever wonder why you have to type in “www.” before the actual name of the website you want to go to? Well, it’s a good question, but the answer isn’t what you wanted to hear. Years ago, “www” used to be used to differentiate between the various protocols on the internet. That’s not the case [...]

Having fun learning about the environment

If kids are going to be interested in engineering concepts for energy and the environment, then we need to make it fun. My senior project in college was to build a fun website for kids, ages 10-14, that teaches them engineering concepts about energy and the environment. The reason behind this project, called TEAK Education, [...]

Life after death in the digital age

It’s interesting how the Internet and social networking websites like Facebook have truly changed the meaning of “life after death”. Have you noticed this? Even after my friend in college passed away over a year ago, he still lives on in the digital world. How is that, you might ask? He still has a Facebook [...]

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