No pain, no game gain

When it comes to exercise, if you can’t feel the burn, you’re doing something wrong. I know when I’ve had a good workout because I’m in pain afterwards. That soreness you feel is the result of tiny tears in your muscles. When you rest afterwards, your body heals itself by building new muscle cells to [...]

Your diet means nothing without a little exercise

Even if you’re the healthiest eater, it won’t mean a thing if you don’t get out and exercise. Maybe that’s exaggerating the truth a little I know that I cook well for myself and usually keep away from the junk food. It helps you stay energized during the day. However, so many of us have [...]

The erg: A lean, mean, calorie-burning machine

After 7 years, the ergometer (a.k.a. rowing machine) is still, by far, the best workout I’ve ever had at a gym. I used to be on the crew team in high school and one of the most common on-land exercises was to do agility and endurance tests using the erg. What I love about the [...]

I’m running a 5k today

Today, I’m running in a 5k road race for the Somerville Homeless Coalition, a non-profit that provides services to Somerville’s “homeless, near-homeless, and working poor”. I was never a runner in high school or college and I didn’t really train for the race. I’m doing it partly because of the cause, but it’s also because [...]