We eat healthy, so we can eat unhealthy

Sure, eating healthy is good for me, but it’s also a good excuse to eat unhealthy every now and then Eating healthy can help keep your weight down, keep you more energized, and can lead to a longer life, but there’s one reason most of us keep secret: We get to splurge on unhealthy food. [...]

Laughing gets you far in my book

If you can make me laugh (which isn’t that hard to do), you get far in my book Laughing (or just smiling) is so important to your everyday health. Believe it or not, your physical health really does depend on your emotional health. Weird, right? Why would your body break down when you’re sad? Well, [...]

Your diet means nothing without a little exercise

Even if you’re the healthiest eater, it won’t mean a thing if you don’t get out and exercise. Maybe that’s exaggerating the truth a little I know that I cook well for myself and usually keep away from the junk food. It helps you stay energized during the day. However, so many of us have [...]

Don’t eat seafood? Try Omega-3

In case you’re not a big seafood person like me, think about buying food created with omega-3 fatty acids. Research has shown that there are certain health benefits that come with a moderate consumption of omega-3 each week. Normally this is something we get naturally in our diets when we eat seafood, such as salmon. [...]