What is time?

What is “time”? What dimension is it? And can it be controlled? These are some of the questions posed in a BBC documentary called “Time Trip”, a look at the idea of time travel. These scientists talk about “stopping time” or that “time travels at different speeds” depending on how fast you’re traveling. The idea [...]

Talking nonsense is sometimes easier

Some people are actually better at carrying on conversations that make no sense than those that do. It’s strange, but true. It’s not always easy telling a story or a joke or just having a conversation about a particular subject. There’s direction and meaning in everything you say. For those who aren’t smooth talkers, that’s [...]

Reading backwards: A more efficient method?

I often read newspaper or magazine articles backwards (from finish to start). And I have two theories why. The first theory is that when you read from page 1, you know there’s still a lot left. You’ve only just begun. But when you start at the end of the article, well… you’re already done. Now [...]

This is weird

Do “weird” people think people are “weird”? This thought crossed my mind as I was standing in the crowded subway on my way to work. As I was looking around at the people near me, I noticed that I tended to classify them as “normal”, “strange”, and “weird”. I know I probably shouldn’t be doing [...]